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 heonlart(Located 300.49 Km)
75 years
Firthcliffe Heights ,Orange County ,New York ,USA.
 ththththth(Located 74.43 Km)
36 years
Clarkson ,Monroe County ,New York ,USA.
 hjd19831(Located 77.71 Km)
40 years
South Hill ,Tompkins County ,New York ,USA.
 nothingnoone(Located 271.75 Km)
31 years
Woodlands ,Saratoga County ,New York ,USA.
 dreign(Located 298.52 Km)
42 years
Linds Crossing ,Blair County ,Pennsylvania ,USA.
 jon567(Located 63.99 Km)
24 years
Hortontown ,Onondaga County ,New York ,USA.
 shakeyman88(Located 285.41 Km)
52 years
Finnegans Corners ,Orange County ,New York ,USA.
 souzatomas(Located 294.76 Km)
41 years
Westgate Hills ,Northampton County ,Pennsylvania ,USA.
 faviovip(Located 307.34 Km)
26 years
Reading ,Berks County ,Pennsylvania ,USA.
 nancy123456789(Located 317.02 Km)
25 years
Montebello ,Rockland County ,New York ,USA.